About Me

My name is Sofia. I'm a Canadian girl married to a handsome Japanese boy. We live in Fukuoka, Japan. 

I came to Japan over 13 years ago with the intent of staying for 1 year but I'm still here and I have no plans to go back to Canada at this time. I must say I miss my sister, brother, mom and dad!

Since being in Japan, I've done some interesting and some crazy things. I've picked all kinds of fruit with my students (on fruit picking tours), tried to learn how to play the piano, tried to learn Hawaiian dancing with a group of older ladies, studied Japanese pottery, studied Japanese cooking, studied Spanish (yes, in Japan!), took one class of flamenco dancing, worked at a bar (oh the stories I could tell!),  eaten blowfish sperm (!) and probably many more things I can't remember at this time.

What can I say? I love Japan!