Sunday, September 21, 2014

Vintage Japanese Print Beauties Enjoying the Cool Breeze by Choshum Miyagawa
We were lucky enough to come across a huge collection of papers, prints, magazine cut outs, newspaper clippings and more. This was someone's life long hobby and wow.....there are some very cool items! You can see it here.

It is a print (not original). It is called "A Beauty Enjoying the Cool Breeze" by Choshum Miyagawa.

In this print 3 beautiful women are at the riverside enjoying the cool breeze and one of them is writing a poem about it.

Miyagawa Chōshun (1683 – 18 December 1753) was a Japanese painter in the ukiyo-e style. Founder of the Miyagawa school, he and his pupils are among the few ukiyo-e artists to have never created woodblock prints. He was born in Miyagawa, in Owari province, but lived much of his later life in Edo, where he died.

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