Saturday, September 20, 2014

Zori Traditional Shoes Worn With Kimono

We recently started selling vintage zori and we have received  a few questions about the size and how they are worn. 

First, let me say that zori are gorgeous!! These are traditionally worn with kimono. The way zori are worn is very different than how sandals are worn in the Western world. Zori are often smaller and narrow than feet. The feet will hang over the side of the shoe and over the back. The reason the feet hang over the side is due to the fact that the thong part of the shoe is always in the center at the front (unlike flip flops where the thong is to the side). That is not only the proper way to wear them but also considered "iki" which means "chic, stylish". 

These zori are silver with an interesting pattern-reminds me of long grass.  They can be seen here in my store.

These zori are silver and pink. You can see them here.

These are so pretty! It was so hard to take pictures because they are very shiny! They are silver with lots of soft pink flowers. You can see them here.

These are lovely and are from 1974. They are in fabulous shape and the colors are amazing!

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